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    - When creating your ban appeal, please be sure to use the correct format located in this thread: http://unitedroleplay.com/index.php?threads/format-ban-appeal.7/

    - You are expected to fill out the questions with honesty, or else your ban appeal may subject to a denial.

    - Your answer to "Why were you banned?" and "Why you should be unbanned..." should be long and detailed. We want to see players who are banned that want to play on our server dedicate themselves in creating their appeal. Having a minimum of five sentences is a great factor for having your appeal accepted.

    - Answers short to the two mentioned from the third bullet point is an instant denial.

    - These people are allowed to post in said person's ban appeal: the original poster, people involved to their ban, and admin. Anyone not involved and posting to said person's ban appeal may lead to punishment. In most case scenarios, it would be the post deleted and verbal warning. Repeated offense will differ.

    - Do not create troll ban appeals. If we catch anyone posting troll ban appeals, you will be punished accordingly, potentially losing your privilege to play on our server.

    - Again, you are expected to read and retain these expectations before creating your appeal. Good luck with your appeal, and hopefully it does get accepted.
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