[TIPS] How to lead a successfull faction.

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    • Hello everyone!

    This is mostly a guide for the current leaders, but it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you don't have to read it too, who knows, one day you might lead a faction.
    As I stated on the title, this guide will focus on how you will lead your faction into success.

    • Be creative.

    In order to become a successful leader, you have to be creative. Organise IC "events" that fit your gang. For example, as a Chief of Police, train the cadets, teach them how to shoot a gun properly, how to frisk, how to pursuit a suspect, teach them everything, to become great officers. If you are a part of a gang, focus on hood RP, protect your turf, organise small parties or BBQ's for example and organise a small attack or at least tag enemy hoods. BUT, don't do that much of attacks, most of the players don't like DM, and they will instantly report it to admins. And if you get reported too many times, you know what will follow. Last but not least, if you are part of a crime organisation, you can make small heists, do meetings, own a business if you want. Partner with each-other. Don't forget that selling drugs and weapons kinda makes you rich and it kinda makes you own anything.

    • Be patient.

    Being patient is a key requirement. You might start with 2-3 members at most once you get accepted as leader. Don't give up. Be active. Activity means everything. If a player sees that you lead an active faction, surely he would like to join. Also, you must be patient with your members. For example, 1-2 members of your faction want to attack a faction constantly. Tell them no, don't lose yourself to them, it won't have great consequences.

    • Be active.

    Activity means everything. As stated above, an active leader will have active members. More activity means more members. Aslong as you stay active both in-game and on forums by posting pictures of your faction roleplay, the members will come by themselves.

    • And last but not least, follow the rules.

    Following the rules is the greatest tip I would give. Having leaders that follow the rules means anything to the community. Just think about what happens if you don't follow the rules. Classic example is DM. Most of the leaders and his members get reported for that reason. If the admins see that you DM all the time, you know what follows. First of all, you will have a bad reputation on the server. This means that the next time you will apply for leadership spot, you might not take it. Also, you might not have the same chances of becoming official in a faction if you have a bad record as leader/player.​
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    Nice tips. Be creative & Be Active is the most important.
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